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Marble Countertops - Elegance At Its Finest

For thousands of years Marble has always been considered as a coveted an elegant stone. With its unique look and feel its no wonder why most associate marble with wealth and prosperity. 

Originating from its use in palaces, the Roman Empire and many temples throughout the world, marble has enshrined itself as one of the premier stones to have in your updated kitchen and bathroom.

Granite And Cabinet Nation offers a broad selection of the finest quality marble countertops and slabs in the Omaha NE area. 

A decadent black marble countertop

A decadent black marble countertop

High Quality Marble Countertops in Omaha

 Before making the investment in marble there are several things you need to know.

First and foremost, it is important to note that marble stone is formed from limestone. The composition and texture of limestone is altered by pressure and heat below in the Earths crust. 

The main mineral in marble is calcite, which is why it is highly reactive to acid. It's important to note that anything containing acid will cause the surface of a marble countertop to etch. Etching occurs when a dull ring or mark becomes evident on the stones surface. Some culprits of this are pineapple, vinegar, lemons and ketchup.
A great benefit of marble countertops is that they can be fabricated and used in various settings. From lavish hotels like the famous Portofino down in South Beach to high scale government buildings and even upscale residential bathroom and kitchen remodels. We at Granite And Cabinet Nation have only the finest cuts of marble slabs in the Omaha NE area.

It is important to note that marble stone is not able to withstand great amount of pressure on it. Things to also note are you should never cut directly on the surface. Marble stone is softer than most kitchen countertops which means it's more prone to scratches. But don't let this discourage you from checking out our marble countertops and slabs in our showroom. 

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About our Marble Countertops

There are many things marble slabs can be used for such as marble countertops, fireplace surroundings, vanity tops and much more. 

Marble in its most pure form is white. However, marble slabs are available in many different colors such as cream, black, gold and even jet black. What really separates marble countertops apart from other natural stones like granite and quartz is the veining that moves throughout the marble slab.

This unique veining, in addition to contrasting color gives marble its distinct, elegant look.

Marble surfaces can be polished to a high gloss making it one of the go to natural stones for any bathroom or kitchen remodel. 

When routinely polished and taken care of marble is a great investment for your home.

Regardless of the color or type of marble countertop you purchase it is guaranteed to draw attention. 

Contact the Granite And Cabinet Nation team today and check out our marble slabs and countertops!

Marble Countertops Are Perfect For Your Kitchen Remodel

Marble Countertops Are Perfect For Your Kitchen Remodel